Posted by: absntmindedariel | November 16, 2010

Boys Night Out (1962)

If you like– She’s Out of My League, Date Night, Down With Love

Synopsis– For three married men, commuting from work in New York City every day, only to come home to wives who don’t appreciate them, is proving unrewarding (at best.)  To gain respite from this doomed existence, the fellas hatch a plan to convince their best  friend Fred (James Garner) to rent a swingin’ bachelor pad for them in the city– complete with a “luscious blonde companion”. Fred reluctantly agrees to use his single status to rent the apartment, but refuses to do anything about the blonde.  However, when the blonde (Kim Novak) seemingly shows up on her own, everyone is surprised, confused, and ecstatic.

Why it’s better- One critic calls Boys Night Out “a squeaky clean sex comedy.” That pretty much sums it up.  While a modern version of the film would come across as completely chauvinistic, adulterous and offensive, this sixties rom com just makes you giggle at the absurdity of the plot. The supporting cast is perfect, and James Garner is dreamy, per usual.  Sure, Kim Novak’s breathy voice makes you want to punch her half the time, but it’s all part of the ridiculousness that makes the whole movie so fun!

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