Posted by: absntmindedariel | April 16, 2011

The Quiet Man (1952)

photo of John Wayne and Maureen O'HaraIf you like- The Fighter, As Good As It Gets, Up in the Air

Synopsis- A wealthy, retired boxer, Sean Thornton (John Wayne), moves from Pittsburgh back to his childhood home in Ireland. Though he plans on settling down and living quietly, Sean’s sudden love for the girl next door (Maureen O’Hara) and, more importantly, the meddling of her beligerent and possessive brother push Sean’s quiet ambitions just out of reach.

Why it’s better– Can I say enough good things about Maureen O’Hara? No. Never ever. She swings from flushed, love-struck maiden to badass, feisty Irishman’s fantasy within seconds. Definitely one of my favorite John Wayne movies (even though he never brandishes a pistol).  Not gonna lie– classifying it as a western was definitely a stretch, as it takes place in Ireland. But seriously! It has the vibe of a western. And get excited for the knock-down, drag-out, village-wide brawl that takes place at the end. Again, suspend your feminism. “Sir!… Sir!… Here’s a good stick, to beat the lovely lady.”

Note: Watch for the scene used in E.T. when Elliot kisses the girl in school!

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  1. My father raised me to be a John Wayne girl, and this movie is one of my all time favorites. (McLintock is also high on my favorites list.) Those two leads make an excellent cinema pair for sure!

  2. haha, do you just have a thing for movies in which Maureen O’Hara is dragged through the streets and shamed for her bad-wifery?

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