Posted by: absntmindedariel | April 17, 2011

Charade (1963)

If you likeThe Tourist, Wanted, Knight and Day

Synopsis– The wealthy but bored Mrs. Regina Lampert (Audrey Hepburn) is vacationing in Switzerland and thinking about divorcing her husband. Someone saves her the trouble, however, and Mr. Lampert is found murdered in his pajamas (All the murder victims in this film seem to die in their pajamas. “What is it, some new American fad?”) As if this weren’t a bizarre enough turn of events, Mrs. Lampert returns to her home in Paris only to find her apartment empty and all of her possessions gone.  She is called into the American embassy and informed that her husband’s wealth was stolen from the American government during World War II, and that three of his old war buddies are desperate to get that money back.  Can Regina evade all three of these war-time thieves and find the money her husband stole? Oh, also Cary Grant pops up to help. Or steal the money himself.

Why it’s better– How is Cary Grant still so attractive in his late fifties?? Anyway, the supporting cast really helps this flick (you have so many bad guys to pick from!)  as well as the playful on-again-off-again banter between Grant and Hepburn.  Fun fact: Cary Grant made them rewrite the script, because he (59) felt like a pedophile hitting on Audrey Hepburn (34). In the finished version, Audrey makes all the romantic advances.

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  1. An interesting Hitchcock film.

    • I thought it was Hitchcock for a while too, but it was actually directed by Stanley Donen! Who knew?

      • Oh my goodness! That’s right! Wow! Well, that’s a compliment to the film.

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