Posted by: absntmindedariel | April 19, 2011

Dark Passage (1947)

If you likeThe Fugitive, Enough, Bourne Identity,

Synopsis– Vincent Parry (Humphrey Bogart) is a man on the run, falsely accused of killing his wife. When he manages to break out of prison, he catches an even luckier break when he is picked up by Irene Jansen. She’s followed Parry’s trial closely and sympathizes with his plight, as it mirrors her father’s wrongful execution for her mother’s murder.  The two manage to get Vincent to his best friend Harry’s apartment, and Harry sends Vincent to a local plastic surgeon.  But a new face won’t save Vincent when he returns to find Harry murdered. Knowing the police will find his prints at Harry’s apartment, he returns to Irene’s apartment and the two work together to find out who murdered Vincent’s wife and best friend, and what the killer will do next.

Why it’s better– This is the one Bogart-Bacall movie no one seems to talk about. Why?? It’s much less complicated than The Big Sleep and much more of a thriller than To Have and Have Not. Whatever. The first third or so of the movie is shot from Bogey’s point of view (since pre-plastic surgery Vincent would have looked nothing like Humphrey Bogart.)  It’s kind of a cool effect, although you feel a little relieved when you can finally view his interactions with Lauren Bacall as a legitimate observer. Dialogue is a tad corny, but it’s to be expected. And Agnes Moorehead (yes, Endora from Betwitched) is AMAZING!

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