Posted by: absntmindedariel | April 25, 2011

Rear Window (1954)

If you likeDisturbia, The Bone Collector, The Other Side of the Street

Synopsis– L.B. Jeffries (Jimmy Stewart) is a renowned news photographer who has recently found himself confined to his apartment due to a broken his leg.  Though his glamorous girlfriend Lisa (Grace Kelly) attempts to distract and amuse the invalid, Jeff becomes engrossed in the lives of his neighbors in the apartment complex across the street– especially when he witnesses what he thinks is a murder.

Why it’s better– Why did Grace Kelly have to go be princess of Monaco? She was so much more fun on screen! Oh well. Anyway, Jimmy Stewart is fantastic (and somehow manages to appear a little disinterested in Grace’s advances– THAT’s acting) in a creepy, neighbor-stalker, “nothing better to do” crotchety way. I think the naming of the different neighbors is the best part of the film (and you’ll still hear other movies refer to people as “Miss Lonelyhearts”, ie: What Women Want). Get ready to dig your nails into the arm-rest towards the end!

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  1. There also needs to be a mention of Thelma Ritter, who had most of the best lines and nailed every one. And we should probably ignore the fact that Jimmy Stewart was old enough to be Grace Kelly’s father (this is Hollywood, after all).

    I saw an article once which cited Grace Kelly’s nightgown for having the greatest entrance in Hollywood history of a garment that wasn’t being worn by anybody.

  2. Great movie. Jimmy Stewart is excellent in this.

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