Posted by: absntmindedariel | May 31, 2012

From Here to Eternity (1953)

If you likePearl Harbor, The English Patient, The Fighter

Synopsis– In 1941, Robert “Prew” Prewitt is transferred to a new unit in Hawaii and refuses to join the unit’s boxing team, despite heavy pressure from his commander. Prew continues to resist, though his commander’s punishments are cruel and intense, and he even finds time to fall in love with a beautiful employee at a local social club. Meanwhile, the commander’s wife finds solace from her troubled marriage in the arms of her husband’s second-in-command, and Prew’s best friend Maggio butts heads with the exceptionally violent stockade sergeant.

Why it’s better– Okay, the boxing story line is great, and I feel for Prew, and I love Frank Sinatra’s endearing turn as the fast-talkin’ Maggio, but OhMyGoodnessDeborahKerr!! Deborah is FAR away from the chaste school teacher we met in The King and I: she is dark and sexy and misunderstood, and she’s rollin’ around in the sand with Burt Lancaster. (Good for you, Deb!) All in all, the cast is incredible. Even sweet little Donna Reed steps out from her pearls and vacuum cleaner to give a performance that was as far from her wheelhouse as Kerr’s.

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