Posted by: absntmindedariel | May 31, 2012

My Man Godfrey (1936)

ImageIf you like– Date Night, Roxanne, The Truth About Cats and Dogs

Synopsis– When a high-society scavenger hunt requires participants to find a “forgotten man” (a homeless man), wealthy Cornelia Bullock attempts to recruit Godfrey, the first forgotten man she comes across. When an insulted Godfrey advances on her and causes her to fall in an ash pile and flee, Cordelia’s delighted sister Irene quickly befriends Godfrey and enlists his help in beating Cornelia at the scavenger hunt. Irene is so pleased with Godfrey that the scatterbrained heiress secures a position for him as her family’s new butler, much to Cornelia’s chagrin.

As Godfrey earns the respect of his employers over the next few weeks and months, he also grows in the esteem of their daughters. Godfrey soon finds himself evading the advances of both Bullock heiresses as well as guarding the secret of his own family roots from the entire Bullock clan. But society secrets don’t remain secrets for long…

Why it’s better– William Powell (remember The Thin Man?) is a superb straight-man to Carole Lombard’s exasperating quirks and antics. You may watch the movie for Powell’s Godfrey, but it’s Lombard’s Irene who will win your heart. (Your love for Carole will ALSO make you want to punch Cornelia in the face for much of the film.)

This film also has the honor of introducing me to the existence of 1930’s blooper reels…

View Trailer

View Bloopers


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