“It Happened One Site” is a blog designed to tell you about old movies (made before 1970) you might enjoy, based on recent movies you already love.  The “If you like” tags give you a few contemporary movies that are similar to whatever film I’m talking about, and the “Why it’s better” tags let you know why I like it so much (and why you should too!)

I try and review an equal number of comedies and dramas, and I try to throw in a few action flicks and westerns when I can. It will become obvious pretty quickly, however, that I am totally biased towards screwball comedies, Katharine Hepburn movies, Hitchcock thrillers and musicals. Them’s the breaks!

For real, though: I do my best to be as fair in my film selection as possible. Thanks for visiting, and have fun!



  1. Nice site. I cordially invite you to visit mine, dedicated to my all-time favorite actress, Carole Lombard. (And you do plan to someday write about “My Man Godfrey,” “Twentieth Century,” “Hands Across The Table” or “To Be Or Not To Be,” right?)

    • this week’s first come-back post was all for you, Vincent! Carole was definitely an incredible actress and comedienne

  2. Oh dear, i’m 18 and i’ve seen (or really want to see) most of those but haven’t even heard of pretty much all the “If you like” films! So great list!

    • always great to hear from a fellow fan! thanks for the support, Lucy 🙂

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